The Quadritos, heathen altars in remembrance of people of different periods and with very different backgrounds stories.
An attempt to bring back past events, where the recalled stories, more than the biographies themselves, are the true reflection topics.
Every Quadrito is a unique handmade piece: in the centre is placed, surrounded by coloured fabrics, flowers and Central American style decorations, the person’s picture, always combined with one or more miniatures reminding an event of his existence.
You’ll find big-names of the cultural and artistic world, rebels, inventors, shoemakers, sportsmen and mathematicians
You can probably recognize some of them.. some more will be a discovery… But every single story deserves a tale and needs to be handed down.
More than 200 people,
more than 200 stories,
because their soul is traveling… slow… but still traveling…

Mirrors are filled with people. The invisible see us. The forgotten recall us. When we see ourselves, we see the,. When we turn away, do they?  

Eduardo Galeano

Brunella Tegas

Già attrice di strada, cantora della tradizione popolare, giocattolaia, girovaga per vocazione, risiede al momento a Bologna, dedicandosi a tempo pieno a i Quadritos dal 2004.

Alle spalle un percorso di studi distante dalle sue inclinazioni.
Convinta della necessità di una formazione permanente alla vita, vi si applica nel quotidiano.

Variamente allergica, in particolare alla stesura di curricula.